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Hi! I'm Rebecca

Welcome to my blog.

Hope that you enjoy your time here. 

Who am I?  Wife, mom, grandma....Retired Navy Chief.  I've had lots of titles in my life and careers.  I retired from the Navy in 2007 and met my wonderful husband shortly thereafter.  We married in 2008 and relocated to Hawaii.  During my 10 years there I worked for the Department of Defense while my husband finished up his Navy career and retired.  While there I rediscovered my love of all crafts.  It started with finding out that my first grandson was on the way and went from there.  I grew up crafting (sewing and cross stitch mostly) but that all went on the back burner having my two kids while on active duty.  Now that I was about to be a grandmother, I wanted to make blankets, stuffed toys and the like.  From there I got my first Cricut and discovered Stampin Up and it's been a great journey. 

A couple years ago, after 10 years in Hawaii, I retired from my second career and we moved to Brownsville, TX.  I took a year off and spent hours and hours crafting and gardening.  I didn't plan to work again but a work from home job for the VA fell in my lap and it was too good to pass up....have to pay for craft supplies.

Recently I redisovered my love of Stampin Up and that brings us to where you are right now.  I love this product so much I want to share it with you, my readers.  Many people say "wow you are so creative....I could never do that..."


.  You can and you will...we will together.


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